Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cure For Insomnia

I'm sure all college students at one point or the other have fallen prey to the almighty energy drink. It's perfect for those 'all-niters' but it can also prevent you from sleeping when those exams are finally over. This was my predicament last semester. I was going crazy but I didn't want to take an over the counter sedative, I wanted something natural. I went to the local herbal supplier and he recommended something that worked like a charm, a natural supplement called Valerian Root. This one came in the form of a tea (although it is available in capsule and tincture form).

 It had an extremely bad smell which made my desire to drink it decrease drastically. In spite of this, I was able to withstand its bad taste and odor and drink it all. Within a half hour or so I began to feel very relaxed as opposed to my previous redbull infused hyper state. Soon I was asleep.

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